Community Supported Agriculture



From our hands to yours!

What We Offer

The Farm

We are Ben and Erin, owners of this 17-acre certified organic vegetable farm. We are committed to feeding our community the freshest, most nutritious produce possible. 


Come to the farm every week from early June through October to pick up your share. Choose from an array of freshly harvested, in-season, certified organic vegetables. Mix and match according to your preferences.


We offer many certified organic crops for wholesale to schools and colleges, natural food retailers, and other accounts. 

Why You’ll Love Us

Quality & Freshness

We raise over 270 varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. Many of the varieties we grow are heirloom or open-pollinated. Unlike the supermarket, where varieties are selected for their appearance and ability to withstand being shipped long distances, we select for flavor and eating quality. We harvest and handle our produce to maximize freshness, flavor and nutritional value.

Affordable & Organic

We believe healthy food should not be a luxury, and a CSA share is an affordable way to enjoy fresh, organically grown food. Studies show the same amount and quality of produce in a store is double the cost of a CSA share — a result of the packaging and shipping steps involved. With a CSA, the food is received directly from the farmer at the farm — grown with care for you and for the ecosystems that sustain us.

Socially Responsible

As a CSA member you will be actively supporting your local economy, preserving local farmland, and minimizing the environmental impact of your food,

Additionally, a portion of the farm’s harvest is donated to the local food shelf, to help provide food assistance in our community.

Community Supported Agriculture

CSA is a mutually supportive relationship between a farm and a community. Members purchase a share of the farm’s harvest in advance of the growing season, then visit the farm weekly to pick up their share. This unique arrangement provides the farmers with the financial stability to operate in a sustainable way while offering shareholders the opportunity to see firsthand where the food they eat comes from and get to know the folks who grow it.

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News from the Farm