We are currently taking applications for a Crew Leader position that begins late fall/early winter and goes through all of 2018.

Crew Leader Management Position Available

Open Hands Farm in Northfield, MN is a 15 acre vegetable operation serving a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) as well as wholesale accounts with certified organic produce nearly year-round. We are seeking a highly motivated and eager individual to fill a crew leader management position.

This position would involve leading and managing a culturally diverse crew to perform daily farm tasks efficiently through the day while helping keep a positive happy environment. This person would also work closely with the owners, Erin and Ben to determine the daily tasks, and priorities, and how to best structure the day.

Requirements for the job:

—have at least 2 full seasons of experience on a vegetable farm

—have an outgoing, positive attitude and enjoy working with and building relationships with the crew

—good time management and the ability to move a group of people efficiently from one project to the next

—ability to take detailed directions and pass them on to others

—attention to detail, and an understanding of produce quality standards and comfort with quality checking co-workers

—ability to think quickly on toes and change plans as necessary with changing weather and field conditions

—be okay with working in all weather conditions and helping with crew morale

—ready to work on many different farm tasks, including weeding, planting, tractor operation and irrigation

—be able to work here for at least 2 years, if it turns out to be a good fit for all

The position starts any time in fall or early winter 2017 (preferably before Dec. 1st), and goes through all of 2018, and beyond if it is working for everyone. The winter schedule is 3 to 4 days a week and starting full time on March 15th. Pay is $15 per hours with a bonus at the end of the year, based on how good (financially) the year went, plus veggies, paid sick days and other side benefits.

To apply, please send us:

our email is openhandsfarm(at)gmail.com

Your Name, Address, Phone, Email.  Please also include date you are available to start work, and if you have any commitments for time away during the season.

Be sure you include the following information as well:

  • Relevant past work experience, detailing duties and responsibilities and/or resume
  • Applicable past leadership responsibilities and/or community working or living experience
  • Farming and/or gardening goals
  • Physical ability to do the work
  • Tractors used, implements used, and familiarity with tractor tasks, if applicable
  • Description of why you are interested in working here
  • 2-3 work references, including previous employer, whether farming related or not, and any farm-related work references.

After we get your application information, we will contact and give interviews with qualified candidates.  Depending on the time of year, we prefer to have a working interview, so we can meet each other face to face and get a feel as to how we all will work together.


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